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We provide a comprehensive sanitary service that ensures the correct removal and disposal of sanitary waste. We can provide sanitary bins, sharps containers, and all forms of consumables with a pickup service available whenever requested. Our practices and procedures ensure that all care and discretion is taken in the handling of sanitary disposal units and waste. Our choice of high quality supplies delivers extra protection against the spread of bacteria and reducing odours.

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Importance of Correct Sanitary Waste Disposal

Sanitary Services for better health and hygiene

Sanitary disposal bins can be breeding grounds for bacteria and odours. Many may think it’s the contents of sanitary bins that are unsanitary, when actually it’s their placement next to the toilet that makes them unhygienic. Each toilet flush releases airborne bacteria that can live on the exterior of sanitary bins. If bins aren’t property sanitised or disinfected, these microorganisms can survive on them for months and can include anything from Hepatitis A and C to salmonella and E. coli.

Sanitary Services to help protect the environment

Sanitary waste should not be flushed down the toilet as this can lead to water pollution and also blockages in the drain system which requires clearing by a trained plumber. By providing clean sanitary services for workplace bathrooms, this can be avoided.

Sanitary Consumables

Sanitary consumables are a fundamental necessity for all bathrooms and washrooms in any facility. Sanitary bins and sharps containers, to name a few, provide a way of keeping areas safe and hygienic for all users. Storm International can provide all forms of sanitary consumables upon request, and arrange pick-ups at your convenience.

Nicer bathroom facilities for staff and customers

The overall happiness and wellbeing of staff has been shown to improve productivity and contribute to the overall workplace culture.

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