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Storm International has over 30-years’ experience in large scale cleaning. We pride ourselves on maintaining a large fleet of power cleaning equipment including sweepers, floor scrubbers and high-pressure washers.

Our expert and fully-trained team of cleaning professionals use our range of power cleaning equipment to clean multi-storey buildings, factories, warehouses, industrial sites as well as high-traffic office areas and retail sites.

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Sweeper Cleaning Services

Storm International have a range of floor sweepers ideal for a wide variety of cleaning services, including large factory floors, car parks, educational institutions, high-traffic shopping centres and warehouses. Armed with both walk behind and ride-on sweepers, our expert cleaning staff can clean your floor of mess in the most efficient way, allowing more time in your cleaning schedule to take care of all areas.

Floor sweepers are a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used both indoors and out, can sweep into even the most hidden places and the large surface of the brush ensures that our staff are not required to repeat the process. One sweep and its clean.

All Storm International cleaning staff are professionally trained on our power cleaning equipment and have extensive product knowledge, which ensures maximum efficiency is achieved when using our equipment.

Floor Scrubber Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean floor that is free from dirt and daily debris is important for all commercial businesses. Storm International have a fleet of Floor Scrubbers to provide highly efficient and effective large-scale floor cleaning for commercial offices, retail spaces, factories, manufacturing plants and educational facilities.

Floor scrubbers absorb and remove dirt and debris, unlike traditional mop and buckets which often just moves the dirt around.

Storm International have invested in a quality industrial grade floor scrubber fleet to ensure the best clean for your business. Our floor scrubbers are low noise so will not be invasive if we need to clean while staff or customers are present.

Storm International cleaning services also include high pressure water blasting, floor sealing (clear or coloured epoxy) and line marking.

Sweeping Services | Industrial Sweeping | StormInternational

WHS Matters

Manufacturing and industrial facilities have high cleaning and WHS standards closely aligned with maintaining safety and the wellbeing of your workers.

Storm International use our fleet of power cleaning equipment including floor scrubbers, sweepers and high-pressure water blasters to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and safety. We understand that you have high standards of cleanliness and that these can have an impact on production and profitability.

Large Scale Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning

Storm International owns and maintains a large fleet of specialist high pressure equipment including floor sweepers, scrubbers and high-pressure water jets, ensuring our cleaning of any hard floor surface is second to none.

Our staff use our power cleaning equipment for large indoor and outdoor areas, footpaths, factory floors, car parks, retail areas and warehouses.

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